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xxxx EL Knucklehead Bobber. Change the some parts for runs but keep the older conditions. I believe Late Model of xxxx. Frame has weld piece on Drum Brake Mount so looks xxxx but No Grease Nipple on cross bar so I believe late xxxx or early xxxx.#2 on the Neck. I'm not sure but looks Original Paint on Frame. Matching Belly #s Motor Cases. Original 4 fins Cylinders but had Resleeve.30's Springer Frontend. Looks #3 or #8. Very hard to see.30's Gas Tank with Older Paint (Not Original Paint).36-37 Only Dash.Step Hub Front & Rear Wheels with original tube(has slow leak from Rear Tube).Narrow Primary and Narrow Clutch.Right Side Kick Stand (very rare). Flanders Handlebars and Risers. Cycle Ray Headlight with Marble Visor. Crocker Taillight. 6V.New Wiring and Terminal, New Coil, New Cable, New Oil Line, Reproduction Brake Switch and some other new parts.